About Tisane

A little corner of heaven in the heart of Launceston.

Tisane Tea Room was born from a desire to value add to an already amazing local Dining Scene here in Launceston. We felt there was room to give Tea it's own platform (and not just something else that you offer besides Coffee) amongst everything.  

Think along the lines of 'too many to choose from!' from our Tea menu and a quiet space to savor a cup of something lovely and warm to wrap your hands around.

We don't pretend to be experts in Tea, not by far, but we are happy to call ourselves 'enthusiastic amateurs'!!

Come join us.....we'll just go pop the kettle on......

"People might say they don't like Tea - perhaps they just haven't met the right one?" 

— Annie Burns (owner)

Time for tea and a biscuit or two?