Hot Chocolate, Coffee
& Food Menu

With a focus on signature blends, high quality
and flavours to tantalise the taste buds,
Tisane's menus can cater for everyone.

Tisane Signature

Hot Chocolate & Coffee Menu

We are proud to make our own signature Chocolate blends with quality ingredients and a focus on 
delicious flavour. Thicker than your usual Hot Chocolate and Oh So Luscious because of it!

*Be sure to let us know of any dietary requirements when ordering

Hot Chocolates

Chocolat au lait

The original.

Thick, creamy, luscious milk chocolate with a dash of cinnamon, vanilla and black pepper. Not your average Hot Chocolate - Hello Milk Moustache!!

Chocolat noir

The richer, slightly sharper cousin to the au lait. Our 70% dark chocolate has a smooth and satisfying finish with cinnamon, vanilla and black pepper. So very adult with just a dash of childhood glee thrown in!

Chocolat blanc

Not to be left behind, our white chocolate blended with cinnamon, a dash of sea salt and is saucy and smooth without being too sweet.

Kind of like Reese Witherspoon....

French Earl Grey Hot Chocolate (FEG-HEC for short!)

Très surprise!

FEGHEC is a blend of French Earl Grey loose leaf tea, dark cocoa powder and a dash of coconut sugar. The ultimate decadent floral Hot Chocolate.
Did not see this one coming!

Chocolat pour enfants

You know you want to..... for the big kid in us all!

Milk chocolate simply blended with your choice of milk.
Sweeter than our house blend without being overwhelming.

Chocolat au caramilk

The newest addition to our chocolate menu. Made from 100% Cadbury Caramilk chocolate - we worried needlessly that this would turn out way too sweet (how silly of us)! Stupidly, stupidly good.....

All Hot Chocolates $5.80 each
*Hot Chocolate, Chai, Matcha and Coffee Affogatos available!!

Dial it up

Create your own twist on our Hot Chocs!

Add our handmade Marshmallow Cloud toasted $2.50

Add Davidson Plum Powder for a sharp, fruity hit $2 extra 

Add Wattleseed Powder for a nutty, coffee-like boost $1.50 extra

Coffee Time

(see.....we totally didn’t forget you!)

While Teas and Tisanes are the stars of our particular show, we appreciate a fine cup of Coffee just as well as the next person. Our coffee’s are hand-
pressed to order and made at ‘drink me now’ temperature from local
Zimmah Coffee Blends.

  • Short Black $3.50
  • Long Black $4.50
  • Flat White $4.50
  • Cappuccino $4.80
  • Latte $4.80
  • Mocha $5.80
  • Dirty Chai Latte $5.80

Roasted Wattleseed 'coffee'

Gorgeous dark roasted native Wattleseeds are pressed through our espresso maker for a nutty, caffiene free coffee-like hit.

  • Long Black $5.50
  • Flat White $5.50
  • Cappucino $5.80
  • Latte $5.80

*Soy, Almond, Coconut and Lactose Milk Available for 40 cents extra, otherwise we are proud to use our local Ashgrove Full Cream Milk for all your needs

Food Menu & Tea Flights

Please see our Menu Board for our locally made Sweet Treats or
ask us about our selection of Byron Bay Cookie Company Biscuits


Sourdough Crumpets

Fresh fermented sourdough Crumpets, toasted and served with Cultured Butter and your choice of Jam, Honey, Nutella, Cinnamon Sugar, Golden Syrup or Cheese and Pickles!

  • 2 Crumpets $8.50
  • 2 Crumpets with Cheese & Pickles $9.50
  • 2 Gluten Free Crumpets $9.50

*Vegan option available

Fig and Fennel Toast

Thick pieces of Manu Bakery Fig and Fennel Toast served with Cinnamon Sugar and Cultured Butter $8.50

Freshly Steamed Dumplings

Australian made delicious Gyoza served hot with Dipping sauce - Sweet Chilli Sauce available

  • Fresh Vegetable $9.50 *vegan
  • Chicken or Duck $9.50

Cheese Plates

    An ever changing selection of scrumptious Cheese presented with oodles of sides. Ask for todays selection

    *Gluten Free option available

    • 2 Cheese $15
    • 3 Cheese $20

    Tea Tasting Flights

    $25 per person

    Take flight with our unique Tea Tasting Flights -truly savour and learn with each smell and sip!

    Each comprising of 3 different Teas each paired with their own matched Bahen and Co artisan Chocolate.

    Included in each Flight:

    • Loose Leaf Tea x 3 with matching artisan Chocolate
    • Plenty of Hot Water!
    • Tea Tasting Flight Guidelines
    • Comprehensive Tasting Notes
    • Notes on each Tea and Chocolate Pairing

    *Plus a special ‘on the day’ offer for only those partaking of the Tea Flights to enjoy

    Choose from:

    • Black and White - Pai Mu Tan, Darjeeling and Strudel (Black Tea with Vanilla)
    • The Greens - Tasmanian Green Tea, Maiko (Genmaicha) and Moroccan Mint
    • The Fruits - Blueberry, Casablanca (Green Tea with Strawberry and Mint) and Raspberry Vanilla Rooibos

    *Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free and Vegan food options available